National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)Human Landing Systems Programme

John Connolly is currently a member of NASA’s Artemis program, planning the return of astronaut explorers to the moon. His 33 year of NASA expertise includes lunar lander design, lunar surface systems, and human Mars mission planning. Connolly has held positions as NASA’s Lunar Surface Systems lead, Human Mars Study Team lead, and Chief Exploration Scientist. From 2014 to 2016, he was detailed from NASA to serve as the Director of International Space University’s Space Studies Programs, where he planned and executed ISU’s flagship programs that are hosted in different cities around the world each year. Connolly has held a broad range of management and engineering positions related to future human exploration planning at both NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston and NASA HQ in Washington, DC. He has served as, Deputy Project Manager and Vehicle Engineering Manager for the Altair Lunar Lander Project, Deputy Manager of JSC’s Exploration and Mission Systems Office, Deputy of the Exploration Systems Architecture Study (ESAS) Team, Special Assistant to JSC’s Astronaut Office and Destination System lead for the Agency’s Human Spaceflight Architecture Team (HAT). Mr. Connolly’s NASA career has been devoted to defining future systems that will send human crews beyond Low Earth Orbit, return them to the moon, and lead them to Mars and beyond.


The Global Space Exploration Conference 2021

14-18 June 2021

St. Petersburg, Russia


International Astronautical Congress 2018

1–5 October 2018

Bremen, Germany