Kat has worked for Lockheed Martin since 2007 and is currently a Systems Engineer on the Facilities Development and Operations Contract (FDOC). FDOC provides mission control systems services, development, maintenance and operations support at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Kat has been involved with the IAF since 2007 and currently serves as the Vice Chair for Virtual Activities for the Young Professionals Programme/Workforce Development Committee (WD/YPP). She was a co-creator of the first remote session ever offered at the IAC in 2008 and has managed the growth of the virtual forum pilot program from one to five technical sessions all negotiated with established IAF technical committees. Kat is also a member of the Space Operations Committee (SOC). She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering and is finishing a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering.

Kat is an active member of the Space Generation Advisory Council and has helped organize events such as the Space Generation Congress (SGC) and Space Generation Fusion Forum. In 2013, Kat was selected as the liaison between the Space Generation Congress organizing team and the WD/YPP Committee where she will serve a two year term.

Kat has always had a passion for space exploration and after she attended her first SGC and IAC in 2006, her interest in international space grew. Space is a vast expanse with much to learn, countless places to explore and many questions waiting to be answered.

Working together on an international scale will allow for pooling both our resources and expertise from around the world, allowing us to go further and learn more as the human race.

Kat would like to thank her mentors and those who have nominated her for the Young Space Leaders Recognition Programme; the highest honor the IAF gives to students and young professionals. It is truly an honor to receive this recognition from the IAF.