Bolivian Space Agency • Scientist

Kattia Flores Pozo has a degree in telecomms engineering. She got interested in satellite technologies, so, pursuing her interest, she got a full scholarship to get a Masters degree in Aerospace from UPC – Barcelona, where she could have a broader perspective of Space Industry and where she had the chance to be involved in a nanosatellite project leaded by the UPC NanoSat Lab, an enriching and inspiring experience that gave her a first opportunity in a Space hands on project. After this, she was part of a one year technology transfer in Satellite Design, a program in China by CAST/GWIC, as part of the TKSAT-1 project of the Bolivian Space Agency. During this period in China along with enthusiast colleagues they started developing a program focused on education and technology development to be applied in Bolivia. She believes that in order to progress, their country needs to invest in research, encourage youngsters to pursue technical careers, develop native technologies and to take out the most of space technologies applications for the development of their country. As first activities, they have a national seminar on space technologies, where they could also achieve a first event involving private and public universities, the national space agency and government, and the foundations for a native nanosatellite project; this wouldn’t be possible also without the disinterested cooperation from International Space community. They could achieve greater things as a community; definitely international cooperation is key in the development of emerging countries like Bolivia.