The Planetary SocietyContractor

Kevin Stube is a member of the Advisory Board of The Planetary Society and works for KBR as a contractor at the NASA Ames Research Center in the areas of Project Management and Systems Engineering. Kevin was also very active in the Space Generation Advisory Council for several years and held many roles there from Executive Secretary to Space Generation Congress Manager.

Kevin sees peaceful exploration an settlement of space as a priority for humanity, but this is difficult in the current economic difficulties of the world. He supports a dynamic international cooperative including government, commercial, private, and advocacy groups such as the Planetary Society, helps reduce the cost of space exploration and improve the economy.

Kevin Stube has followed a passion for space since he was ten years old and received a poster of the Hubble Space Telescope his future stepfather brought back from the 38th IAC. Kevin received a Masters Degree in Space Studies and a Masters in Business Administration and Project Management. He has also studied doctoral level planetary science at the University of Arizona. Kevin has supported multiple space research projects and missions from the Mars Phoenix mission to the TESS mission, multiple ISS research payloads, mission critical NASA infrastructure projects.

Kevin Stube helped start the first, and all subsequent, IAF Young Professionals Programme at the IAC. He has taken part in organizing the Next Generation Plenaries for more than 10 years. Kevin serves on several IAF committees and has been a special advisor to the IAF President and Bureau for Workforce Development and Next Generation activities. Kevin has received several awards and recognitions including the first IAF Young Space Leader Recognition and a NASA Silver Snoopy.


International Astronautical Congress 2015

12-16 October 2015

Jerusalem, Israel