Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES)Head of Sustainable Development

Laurence Monnoyer-Smith is Head of Sustainable Development at CNES. She is piloting the Space Climate Observatory program, a One Planet Summit initiative that brings together 36 space agencies and international organizations. She is also in charge of the CSR policy of CNES, for which she has developed the strategy.

Laurence Monnoyer-Smith holds of a PhD in Media Studies and a Habilitation to supervise Research. She was head of the Social Sciences laboratory at the University of Technology of Compiègne where she was Professor. In 2013, she became Vice-President of the National Commission for Public Debate Debate and actively contributed to developing tools for representative and participatory democracy.

In 2013, Laurence Monnoyer-Smith was made Vice-Chair of the National Public Debate Commission (CNDP), where was active in developing representative and participative democracy tools. The first woman and the first academic to hold this post, she spent two years modernizing the methodologies employed by the CNDP and chaired the public hearing on offshore wind turbines for Le Tréport.

In May 2015, Laurence Monnoyer-Smith was appointed Interministerial Delegate and Commissioner General for Sustainable Development at the Commissariat General for Sustainable Development within the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Maritime Affairs. In this capacity, she led the reform of environmental assessments and citizen participation after the Sivens tragedy. As Interministerial Delegate, she led work to establish France’s roadmap to implement the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals.

Laurence Monnoyer-Smith holds the rank of Knight of the Legion of Honour.