President Space Research Institute

Current Position President, Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow 1995 – present Professor of Space Physics, Moscow Physical-Technical Institute 1972 – 2001 Space Research Institute (IKI) of the USSR (now Russian) Academy of Sciences; Positions held: Junior Researcher, Senior Researcher, Head of Department, Deputy director. 2001 – 2017 Director, Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow 1990 – 2005 Visiting scientist ,UCLA, Space simulation group (3-4 month per year) 2013 – 2017 Russian Academy of Sciences, Vice- president 2017 – now Russian Academy of Sciences, Member of Presidium

At present

2009- now – Scientific leader of the Russian Lunar Program, 2013– now Russian part of EXOMARS and Resonance missions 2013 – present Chair /Deputy chair of the Space Council of RAS 1995-2006 Principal Scientific Coordinator of INTERBALL program (4 S/C); coordinated efforts of scientists from 14 European countries and Canada in designing and executing multipoint measurements in the Earth’s magnetosphere 2010-now Member, ISSI BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2006-now COSPAR Bureau Member /Strategic Advisory committee (CSAC)

Primary Theoretical Research Investigations (resulting in more than 500 papers in Russian, American and International journals and three books. • Plasma processes in the Earth's magnetosphere (plasma instabilities in the tail and cusp) • Spontaneous reconnection (tearing mode) • Field-aligned currents and their filamentation • Particle acceleration in planetary magnetospheres and solar flares • Theory and observations of thin current sheets in space plasma • Nonlinear dynamics and deterministic chaos and their application to properties of particle dynamics in the Earth's magnetotail • Application of the modern methods of fractal geometry to space physics problems • Origin of solar system, • Planetary Physics (Moon, Mars, Venus) • Dusty Plasma