LIU Zhusheng

Liu Zhusheng, the space technology leader, the chief designer on the first manned space mission in China, has proven himself to be a subject expert in his current position and showed great efforts to enhance the reliability and safety of China manned rockets.

Liu Zhusheng (1939.11.17-), academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is an outstanding expert to the progress of aerospace industry in China. As the pioneer, he has been long engaged in the research and development of liquid launch vehicles, served as the chief designer of Long March 2F rocket (LM-2F), and made systematic and creative contributions to the development of the strap-on rocket and manned launch vehicle in China. He has led the team to tackle more than 100 technical and technological key problems, of which 10 key technologies have achieved the international advanced level, and 55 have been adopted in China for the first time, where the accomplishments also made the launch capacity of China launch vehicles leap to the forefront of the world. The journals and monographs that he published over 30 pieces. He has won special prize of China National Science Progress Award once, first prizes twice along with second prize once. Additionally, he has also gained Capital Labour Award, National May 1st Labour Medal along with Manned Space Hero and so forth.