Luca Latronico

INFN • Research Director

After a PhD on tracking detectors for the CMS particle physics experiment at CERN, I focused since year 2000 on building and operating complex observatories for Cosmic Ray physics in space and on the ground. At INFN I coordinated the construction and calibration of the NASA Fermi Large Area Telescope silicon-strip tracker, the largest ever built for space with its >70m2 of active surface, now in orbit since 2008. I served the international collaboration as chair of several science groups and as general Analysis Coordinator. For the Auger Observatory in Argentina I developed calibration systems for the Cherenkov detectors and prototype scintillation counters now part of the upgraded observatory. As Co-Investigator of Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer, a NASA SMEX selected in 2017, I directed the construction of the focal plane, gaseous pixel flight detectors at INFN, which stably operate in orbit after the 2021 launch. I serve several INFN national committees, the Astroparticle Division, the Project Management team and the Technology Transfer division.


International Astronautical Congress 2024

14-18 October 2024

Milan, Italy