El Salvador Aerospace Institute • President and CEO

Dr. Engr. Luis M. Alfaro, is a Salvadoran Citizen. He is a well-known Scientist, Philanthropist, Politician, and Business Entrepreneurship person. He obtained his Ph.D. of Engineer in Port and Logistics Systems from a top South Korean University. In El Salvador, he graduated from Don Bosco University (UDB), the biggest Non-Profit Institution in the country and highly recognized for providing quality standards of education; the UDB mainly specialize in the Engineering fields and has been since the beginning a right hand for the El Salvador Aerospace Institute (ESAI) where he is also the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the ESAI leads the country as a National Top Institution; ESAI continuously has as a strategy the cooperation with Local and International Universities. ESAI is a mega project that aim to launch the First Salvadoran Satellite into Space, Cooperate in UAV Research Projects, Remote Sensing Technology, Introduce New technology & Trends and Projects related to Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Resources, Disaster Management, and Others. To achieve those objectives, projects and goals, the International Cooperation plays a vital role. As fundamental strategy, ESAI works toward to acquire quality and skills with priority in Education. ESAI is the spirit, flagship and creativeness of Salvadorans living locally and abroad (diaspora) the country. ESAI represents, the main Think Tank to channel the promotion of fundamental Science, Education and Sophisticated Training Programs among Universities, Public & Private Sectors, National and International Projects. To benefit the Salvadoran Economy and its Citizens, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) determined by the United Nations are the blueprint of justice; and that is why ESAI works toward the improvement of all aspects referring to Science - Technology, Engineering & Mathematics and Innovation (STEM+I).


The Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries 2022

16-20 May 2022

Quito, Ecuador