Luisa Santoro

Italian Space Agency (ASI)Responsabile Ufficio Rapporti bi e multilaterali con Paesi Europei

Holding a Degree in Humanities and two Masters - as Certified Educator and as Space Institutions & Policies Expert – after almost 14 years of service in a multinational company, Luisa joined the Italian Space Ageny in 2001, with different responsibilities spanning throughout the whole spectrum of its activities: from Earth Observation (where she contributed to the launch of the COSMO-SkyMed constellation), to procurement, security and education (from 2009 to 2016 she was responsible for the education & training office dedicated to the ASI personnel). Currently, she is a technologist with the responsibility of the European Bi- & Multi-lateral Relations Office.

Passionate about space in all of its forms, she has been an author for the IAC, The Aviation & Space Journal and other media since 2015.

As a haijin – or haiku master – she is a member of the Haiku Foundation and United Haiku & Tanka Society. Her haiku – many of which dedicated to space - have been published both online and in a number of print journals and collections and have received several awards and honors such as, for instance, in the NASA contest "Going to Mars with Maven" of 2013 (third place out of more 12.000 poems received).

Additional publications include:

2023: “The Powerful Hyperspectral Technology of the Prisma Satellite” by Luisa Santoro & Piercarlo (The Aviation & Space Journal, Year XXII, n. 3 – October 16,

2023: “Space applications and management of global challenges in the Middle East: the case of Lebanon” by Luisa Santoro & Piercarlo Ghossoub (International Astronautical Congress 2023, Baku, Azerbaijan

2023: “Introducing the Global Navigation Satellite System into the Railway Environment with the Italian Space Agency: a Story That Comes From Afar“ by Mauro Cardone, Alberto Tuozzi and Luisa Santoro” , (The Aviation & Space Journal, Year XXII, n. 2 – July 12

2023: “Space Diplomacy: a Multi-Purpose Lever Guaranteeing Global Sustainability, Safety and Security” by Luisa Santoro (The Aviation & Space Journal, Year XXII, n. 1 – April 6

2023: “Powering the innovation and technological creativity flywheel with nano-satellites” by Luisa Santoro (The Aviation & Space Journal, Year XXI October-December 2022,

2022: “Space to Africa” by Luisa Santoro (The Aviation & Space Journal, Year XXI April-September 2022, pg. 41-51:

2022: “Addressing diversity and inclusion at the Italian Space Agency” by Luisa Santoro & Ginevra Evangelista (International Astronautical Congress 2022, Paris; ref. IAC-22-F1.2.3).

2022: “Engaging the general public in space activities with math-powered poetry analysis” by Luisa Santoro (accepted abstract for the International Astronautical Congress 2022 in Paris).

2020: “ASI capacity building activities in Africa for Africa” by Luisa Santoro (International Astronautical Federation Newsletter, Luglio 2020).

2019: “Nudging towards the Sustainable Development Goals” by Luisa Santoro (70th International Astronautical Congress, Washington D.C., United States, 21-25 October 2019 - IAC-19- E3.1x48856”).

2019: “The Infinity of Space Photographs” by Luisa Santoro (Astrosociological Insights – Newsletter of the Astrosociology Research Institute, Volume 7 – Issue 1)-

2017: “Tecniche di apprendimento automatico e analisi dei testi nella formazione” by Luisa Santoro and Prof. Massimo Bernaschi (Formazione e Cambiamento, February 2017).

2016: “La formazione nei modelli di gestione del cambiamento organizzativo. Sull’importanza dell’interiorizzazione delle capacità trasversali di tipo relazionale” by Luisa Santoro and Chiara Recchi (AIF Learning News – November 2016 - Associazione Italiana Formatori).

2016: “Haiku: apprendimenti dall’oriente con 17 sillabe – L’essenza della realtà attraverso uno strumento formativo poetico” by Luisa Santoro and Claudia Massa (AIF Learning News – July-August 2016 - Associazione Italiana Formatori).