Astrium Germany • Internal Communications Manager

Luise Weber-Steinhaus, born 1982, studied history and political science at Glasgow University, Scotland, graduating MA (Hons) in 2006 after secondary schooling in Bremen, Germany (Hermann-Böse Bilingual Gymnasium, Bremen). She went on to complete a postgraduate Master’s degree in European Studies at the Humboldt and Freie University Berlin, graduating as one of the top of the year in 2007. She has been an intern with both the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Auswärtiges Amt) and the Permanent German Representation to the EU (Ständige Vertretung Deutschlands bei der EU). Her final Master’s thesis focussed on the European Galileo project from the perspective of political integration within the EU and development of a common European space policy.

Since then, Ms. Weber-Steinhaus continues to further her knowledge of space by taking part in recognised further education space studies programmes [International Space University SSP (Barcelona, 2008); ESA/ECSL summer course on space law and policy (Pafos, 2012)], so that she remains versed in the politics and business of the space community. Her original enthusiasm for aerospace was triggered as a junior cadet in the British Royal Air Force (RAF), during her schooling in the UK. Ms. Weber-Steinhaus is fluent in several European languages (native speaker German, English; fluent French and Spanish). She is currently working as an Internal Communications Manager for Astrium Germany.