Maldives Space Research Organization • Founder & President

Madin is currently the President of the Maldives Space Research Organisation (MSRO), the first entity in the Maldives dedicated to the development and research of a space sector. MSRO was founded in 2022 with a remarkable support from the international space community after Madin attended the International Space University's Space Studies Program. Before founding MSRO, Madin had been working in the data and intelligence sector for more than 5 years and had worked with the government of Maldives to solve critical issues such as mobility and disaster response.

Currently MSRO is using space technologies to build climate resilience in our vulnerable islands by helping create better spatial and land use plans, monitor biodiversity and biomass and track coastal erosion. This year MSRO also hopes to continue exploring the benefits of hyper-spectral sensing in the Maldives through our Goidhoo Earth Observation Pilot (GEOP) and also establish our first astronomy related projects, Breakthrough Listen and Breakthrough Watch in the Maldives. Along the way we have faced many challenges, some of which include lack of equitable access to satellite data, and low revisit and resolution of satellites over the Maldives given that we are on the equator and our islands are significantly small.