Marek Novák

Student researcher and medical entrepreneur • Student researcher and medical entrepreneur

Marek Novák, 22 years old, is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Radioelectronics and optoelectronics at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He has a medical background in design of devices for treatment of newborn jaundice and intensive infant care departments. In past, he got awarded by Intel, NASA and United Technologies for his research in non-distractive vital parameters monitoring.

In Czech Technical University Media Laboratory, he has been working on research on energy harvesting, especially microwave power transmission. He works on characterization of circuits which convert microwave power into DC. Furthermore, he evaluates the feasibility of microwave powered sensor swarms for space exploration.

Concurrently he strives to find terrestrial applications of his research. Recently he founded X.GLU – a startup which offers cheap and easy to use smartphone enabled battery-less solution for blood glucose measurement.


International Astronautical Congress 2016

26-30 September 2016

Guadalajara, Mexico