Maria Elena De Maestri

Department of Law, University of Genoa • Assistant Professor, International Law

Maria Elena De Maestri is an assistant professor in International law at the University of Genoa (Department of Law) since 30th December 2011. She has formerly (since 2010) been contract researcher and lecturer of in EU law and international law at the same University (Faculty of Law), where she has graduated in 2006. She also obtained a PhD in international law at C.I.E.L.I. (University of Genoa) in 2009. She teaches International law, Private International Law, and European Union Law at the Department of Law and of Political Sciences of the University of Genoa. She also delivers lectures for students enrolled in specialisation schools and masters, with specific reference to space law. Since 2009, she has regularly participated in research projects financed by the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, and the University of Genoa. She has been scientific coordinator of the Jean Monnet Module EUSPACE, Europe in Space: Law and Technology and of the Jean Monnet Chair Space4U 2019-2022. She participates as speaker in various conferences and seminars both at the international and national level, she is member of the International Institute of Space Law. She is the author of several publications dealing with EU law, International law and Space law.