VENESAT-I project • Scientist

As a participant of the VENESAT-I project, Mariana Maneiro was involved in the program of technology transfer in the conception, assembling and testing of the first Venezuelan Telecommunication Satellite, along with the China Academy of Space Technology. Today, Mariana and her colleages have been leading the program surrounding the maintenance, operation, and specific applications that came associated with the satellite platform, which where completely assumed by the Venezuelan institutions. Mariana took part in a multi-disciplinary group that is working in the introduction, through educational programs, of space technology and its contribution to the Venezuelan people. The principal objectives of this plan are to contribute to the sensibilization and develop the curiosity of Venezuelan youth in the field of space technology, Mariana also took part in a Tele-Education Pilot Project on chosen remote-indigenous communities, incorporating them within the “Bolivarian Telematic and Informatic Centers”, and introducing specific topics regarding the applications of the products generated by the Satellites. Mariana’s perspective on international cooperation is one of sharing the results of experience in working with indigenous communities, and conceiving space activities as a tool for social inclusion. In this respect, she sees the sharing of learning – teaching approaches in other countries as important, in addition to increasing the network of exchanges in the field of education, specifically to strengthen efforts towards the inclusion of indigenous communities.