Marten JURG

RMIT University Melbourne • Student

Marten Jurg is currently completing a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University Melbourne, and leader of RMIT Space Technology Association (RSTA; a student association), he is passionate about space. For his final year thesis he was working on the design and build of a liquid regeneratively cooled rocket engine, constructed in a single piece using additive manufacturing. It is this project which he will be presenting at this year’s IAC.

Marten Jurg says that international cooperation is essential in the modern space economy. As government budgets tighten around the world, long gone are the days where one or two countries are able to control access to space. Through international cooperation not only we are able to make space more affordable, but also discovering the best and brightest ideas from people all over the world. Cooperation has enabled us to incorporate the best ideas to create solutions that expand mankind’s space capability, and ultimately, improve our world.