As a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (elected in 2003) and an associate member of Russian Academy of Navigation Sciences (elected in 1997), Mr. Meng Zhizhong is an excellent expert in satellite overall design and control technology and one of pioneers in the field of polar-orbiting meteorological satellite in China. He is the chief designer of China’s polar-orbiting meteorological satellites, which reached the advanced world-class level, and have been listed in world operational meteorological satellites network by World Meteorological Organization, thus making significant contributions to disaster prevention and mitigation as well as human welfare.

Mr. Meng Zhizhong graduated from South China College of Technology in 1956, majoring in telecommunications and continued further education in Institute of Automation and Kinematics of the former Soviet Union academy of sciences. He has participated in the development of China’s artificial satellite engineering since 1965, and as the chief designer for FengYun-1 and FengYun-3, Meng Zhizhong has broken through multiple key technological difficulties in the field of two types of satellites, bringing the technology level of both types of satellites to an international advanced grade.

As an expert in satellite overall and control technology, Mr. Meng Zhizhong has made a number of creative breakthroughs in the research of satellite technology with profound knowledge, rigorous attitude of study and excelsior work style, greatly promoting the development of satellite technology. Mr. Meng Zhizhong has made outstanding contributions to the rapid progress of China’s aerospace industry. He has received nation-wide recognition and has won a first and second prize of national scientific and technological progress, the Ho Leung Ho Lee prize for scientific and technological progress. He has enjoyed the special government allowance from the State Council of China.