National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)Retired – Former Director of the Earth Science Division

Michael Freilich has directed NASA’s Earth Science Division since November 2006. Prior to coming to NASA HQ he was Professor and Associate Dean at Oregon State University (1992-2006) and a researcher at the Jet Propulsion Lab (1983-1991). Freilich received his Ph.D. from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in 1982, studying nonlinear interactions in nearshore waves. He subsequently led the NSCAT, QuikSCAT, and SeaWinds scatterometer satellite missions for JPL and NASA. Freilich has served on the National Research Council’s Ocean Studies and Space Studies Boards, and he chaired the NRC Committee on Earth Studies (2001-2005). He is Vice-Chair of the US Global Change Research Program, was Chair of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites Strategic Implementation Team (2011-2013), and is the NASA CEOS Principal. An elected Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, Freilich has received the JPL Director’s Research Achievement Award (1988), the NASA Public Service Medal (1999), and the AMS Verner Suomi Award (2004). In 2008, he delivered the NRC/Smithsonian Roger Revelle Commemorative Lecture.