Ming LI

China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) • Director of Scientific & Technological Committee

Dr. Ming LI, Director of Science & Technology Committee of China Academy of Space Technology and Director of Space Solar Power Station Committee of Chinese Society of Astronautics, participated in the demonstration of several national space projects, including the Earth Observation system, lunar exploration project, and national civil space infrastructure.

Dr. Ming LI was a member IAF IPC SG, Space Dynamics Committee and Space Systems Committee. He is currently a member of the IAF Space Power Technical Committee and Honor & Awards Committee, and serves as a member of IAA.


IAF Spring Meetings 2024

26-28 March 2024

Paris, France


The Global Space Exploration Conference 2017

6-8 June 2017

Beijing, China


International Astronautical Congress 2012

1-5 October 2012

Naples, Italy