Nancy C. Wolfson is a Washington, D.C, US-based scholar, lecturer, and researcher. Nancy is a published author with over 18 years of professional managerial experience. President of Disrupting Space, a company dedicated to analog and risk management space-related research and developing international partnership opportunities for various space activities. Nancy is actively involved within the planetary defense and near-Earth objects community. She was elected Vice-Chair of the International Astronautical Federation's (IAF) Planetary Defense (PD) and Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) Technical Committee 2019-2021. Nancy is currently the Vice-Chair of the IAF Risk Management Committee, where she focuses on research for space and defense activities to identify and mitigate potential threats and exploit opportunities to support decision-makers. Nancy is the creator and founder of the first IAF Planetary Defense and Near-Earth Object Symposium (E10), innovating this initiative by uniting the topics of NEO-Space Debris in a Joint Session; receiving the support of 30 members of two IAF committees, the IAF bureau and the larger Planetary Defense-NEO community. Nancy focuses on communication, education, and research, advocating for increasing space agencies' involvement in planetary defense activities and leading initiatives to raise awareness among other professionals, young professionals, and the general public about asteroids and planetary defense.

Nancy is an active member of the America Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA & AIAA-LA); her role within the organization is to increase planetary defense and NEO content launching Special Sessions and Polls since 2020 and presenting the results to the UN-COPUOS and the Planetary Defense-NEO community. Nancy is acting as an Expert-Judge for the Unistellar-SETI "Nickname and Asteroid" Program; she provides formal recommendations to the International Astronomical Union (IAU) regarding newly discovered asteroids such as NEA 1999 AP10. She is a signatory for United Nations Asteroid Declaration-100X for Asteroid Day, to mention some.

Nancy was recently elected Chair of the IAF Space Investment Committee, where she focuses on space sustainability, space resources utilization, public and private partnerships for manned and unmanned missions, and providing proposals to foster the diversification of the space economy-budgets for various sectors of the space industry. Nancy's other areas of interest are space exploration, space debris, traffic management, sustainability, and asteroid-resources utilization. Wolfson's objective is to democratize access to higher learning, making space concepts accessible to all academia, corporations, and the general public. You can contact Nancy at: