Escuela Militar de Ingeniería EMI • Electronic Engineer

Natalia Indira Vargas-Cuentas was born in La Paz, Bolivia in December 18, 1990, where she did her primary and secondary education in the school “Amor de Dios”, where she won the first place in the promotion.

Electronic Engineer of the Military Engineering School (Escuela Militar de Ingeniería EMI).

Organizer of the first congress of Aerospace in Bolivia (Bolivian Aerospace Conference – ABC) ( Julio 2014).

Co-author of “”Contenido y Calidad de las Imágenes de Observación Terrestre; article published in the Magazine ECI Peru March 2013; ISSN: 1813-0194.

Co-author of “Tecnología Aeroespacial en el Mundo”; article published in the Magazine Electro I+D, vol. 1, N° 1, Peru, pp. 48-52, October 2012.

Her perspectives on space and international cooperation are that Bolivia should open its doors to the technological development in the space area, starting with the development of nano-satellites in different universities, young professionals specializing in the area, to go from being a dependent country to be a country that can develop technology and experts in the aerospace industry.