Azercosmos Space Agency of the Republic of AzerbaijanStrategic Development and Planning Director

Natavan Hasanova joined Azercosmos in 2018 as a member of newly established Marketing and then Business Development team to develop new products and solutions in elimination of digital gap. She has participated at international satcom events to promote Azercosmos’s activities and to reach out to prospects, investors and the community.

Since 2021, as Strategic Development and Planning Manager she prepared Strategic Development Plan of Azercosmos for the next three year. Her role at agency is to align processes, resources-planning and department goals with overall strategy, to develop new projects and space programs.

As of 2022 she has been appointed as a director of Strategic Development and Planning department that is being established from scratch. She is managing NewSpace oriented project and her main goal is to develop National Space Strategy.

Apart from that, Natavan is actively exploring new cooperation opportunities, space awareness progams, space educational projects to make contribution to the build of national space ecosystem. She is also WSW National Coordinator for Azerbaijan and actively involved in International Astronautical Federation related events.

Natavan holds MBA in International Business from Azerbaijan State University of Economics and BA in World Economics from Baku State University.