Nomfuneko Majaja

South African Council for Space Affairs – SACSA • Chief Director: Space Affairs and Vice- Chairperson

Ms Majaja started her career as government official proceeded into academia and back in government. She has a Bachelor degree in Economics & Industrial Psychology, an Honours from UNISA and a Master’s degree from Williams College in Massachusetts in USA. Ms Majaja has her expertise in Economic Policy development and implementation, Industrial Strategies development and implementation in advanced manufacturing, aerospace and electro technical.

Ms Majaja has been in the space Legislation and Policy domain for the past 12 years. She served as vice Chairperson during the past 2 and current term of the South African Council for Space Affairs (SACSA), which is a space regulatory body under the Minister of Trade and Industry. She has lead the process of development of the National Space Policy by South Africa. She was as well instrumental in the hosting of the first IAC in 2011 in the African continent. She has recently led the development of the Space Industry Framework by the dti, which is expected open opportunities for the development and support of the Space Industry.