Technology Innovation Institute • Senior Researcher, Propulsion and Space

Dr. Kara is Lead Researcher at the Technology Innovation Institute, Propulsion and Space Research Center. His expertise is the development of hybrid rocket propulsion for launch and space applications. He also performed experimental tests for in-situ Mars Ascent Vehicles that proved that CO2 can be used as the propellant in the actual rockets for the first time. In addition, Earth observation technologies for natural disasters is another field he is performing research on. He has also conducted various research in the space sector, satellite communication, and virulence investigation of bacteria aboard the International Space Station. Dr. Kara received the 2022 Young Space Leader Award at the IAC2022, Paris. In a survey organized for the Aviation and Space industry on LinkedIn, he was among the 100 Most Inspiring Young Professionals in 2022. Dr. Kara is a member of the IAF Space Propulsion, and Space Education and Outreach Committees, friend of the Humanspaceflight Committee. He also served as the Middle East Regional Coordinator in the Space Generation Advisory Council; 2018 - 2020. Dr. Kara is also a rowing athlete, and photographer.