DeltaV Space Technologies Inc., • R&D engineer

Dr. Kara is working as an R&D engineer in DeltaV Space Technologies Inc., Istanbul, Turkey. His expertise is the development of hybrid rocket technologies by using paraffin wax-based fuels. He is also working on Metal/ combustion for Mars Ascent Vehicle propulsion systems. In addition, he has performed various of researches in space community such as CubeSat Communication, small satellite Moon mission design and virulence alteration of bacteria aboard the ISS. Dr. Kara is member of several technical committees at International Astronautical Federation and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He was the Middle East Regional Coordinator at the Space Generation Advisory Council between 2018 – 2020. Dr. Kara holds a Bachelor's in Astronautical Engineering (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey), Master's of Science and Doctorate of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering (KOC University, Istanbul Turkey).