Paolo Gasbarri

Sapienza University of RomeProfessor at the School of Aerospace Engineering

Paolo Gasbarri is a full professor in Aerospace Structures at the School of Aerospace Engineering, University of Rome La Sapienza and IAA Member. Before joining the University of Rome in 1996, Paolo Gasbarri was a Research Fellow in Alenia Spazio (now Thales Alenia Space) where he was involved in various research areas concerning space technology. Since (’96) Paolo Gasbarri has carried out several scientific research in collaboration with aerospace industries and Italian research centers. He has been the Coordinator and PI of many national and international research projects on space structures, aeroelasticity of composite wings, adaptive vibration control, dynamics of robotic spacecraft and on the guidance navigation and control of space systems. For more than two decades he was professor of Design of Aerospace Structures, of Multi-body Structures for Space Applications at the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering at La Sapienza University of Rome. In 2020 Paolo Gasbarri moved to the School of Aerospace Engineering of La Sapienza teaching the courses of Space Debris, of Dynamics and Control of Space Structures and of Modelling of Flexible Space Launchers. During the last 20 years Paolo Gasbarri has been extensively engaged with IAF. For many years he has been in charge as the Chair for the Materials & Structures Committee expanding its number of members involving many young professionals also coordinating the M&S Symposium.