CEA Paris-Saclay • Researcher

I completed my PhD in 2012 at CEA Paris-Saclay, on the study of star formation with Herschel observations and numerical simulations. I have worked in parallel on a project studying the feasibility of a submillimetre telescope in Antarctica on the French/Italian station Concordia (three summer campaigns 08/09 09/10 12/13). After a postdoc of 2 years at the University of Exeter on the modeling of exoplanet and brown dwarf atmospheres, I am now a researcher at CEA Paris-Saclay since 2015, and recently become director of the HPC lab (High performance Computing lab) Maison de la Simulation. My research interests are related to all aspect of fluid dynamics, radiative transfer, and chemistry and their study through numerical simulations in HPC. I am particularly interested in the modeling of atmospheric dynamics applied to exoplanets, brown dwarfs, and stars, participating in the modeling effort to interpret JWST data in ERS and GO programs (MIRI and NIRSPEC).


International Astronautical Congress 2022

18-22 September 2022

Paris, France