IAF Bureau • VP: Developing Countries and Emerging Communities
Colombian Space Agency (AEC)Executive Director

Dr. in Financial Law with emphasis in financial law from Universidad Sergio Arboleda. Cum Laude in her Master's thesis on "The Binding Effect of the Conpes and their Need for Efficiency".

Specialist in Financial and Commercial Law from Universidad del Rosario. Specialist in Administrative Law from the University of Salamanca-Spain, Master in International Contracts with the Government of the People's Republic of China and Lawyer from the Sergio Arboleda University.

Professor of Financial Institutions at Universidad Sergio Arboleda, and of government contracts, commercial law (corporations and contracts) and public finance at Universidad Manuela Beltrán.

Entrepreneur and passionate about science and technology with social impact. Founder and Executive Director of the private initiative Colombian Space Agency.


International Astronautical Congress 2023

2-6 October 2023

Baku, Azerbaijan


International Astronautical Congress 2022

18-22 September 2022

Paris, France


International Astronautical Congress 2021

25-29 October 2021

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


International Astronautical Congress 2018

1–5 October 2018

Bremen, Germany