Reuben Jikeme Umunna is a Senior Engineer with National Space Research And Development Agency (NASRDA), Nigeria. In 2009 he was among the Engineers and Scientists selected by NASRDA for a Know-How-Technology-Transfer (KHTT) programme provided by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), England. During the KHTT programme, he worked along side SSTL Engineers to successfully build and test the propulsion modules on board NigeriaSat-X and NigeriaSat-2 Satellites launched in August 2011. In 2009, he also completed the design and testing of a 100mN cold gas resist-o-jet thruster suitable for micro satellite propulsion.

He completed an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from the University Of Salford, England. His dissertation work was the challenge of developing a Quad-rotor model suitable for multivariable control and proceeding to synthesize a linear controller. He hopes to commence PHD research on Autonomous Control of flight vehicles in 2014.

He strongly believes that Weaving curiosity out of today’s space challenges and raising considerable awareness amongst this generation is a reliable means of amplifying future contributions to space technology from young professional from developing countries. Undoubtedly, today’s Space challenges can be perceived from multiple dimensions by attending international workshops or fellowships. The IAC emerging space leaders programme will also provide an opportunity to identify areas where future international co-operation can be established or reinforced where it already exists.