Robert Aillon is the founder and CEO of Leviathan Space Industries LLC, which is leading the initiative to develop a Private Spaceport in Ecuador. Serves as President of the Guayaquil Space Society, a chapter of the National Space Society where he also serves as International Chapter Coordinator. As a current member of the Global Spaceport Alliance, he participates in the Working group of Point to Point Transportation and Academic Partnerships. Currently participates in the Committee of Emerging Countries and Developing Communities (ACDCEC) as a member of the International Astronautical Federation. Active board member of GEN Space which supports the creation of a space-based entrepreneurial ecosystem. Currently working in educational outreach activities with schools and universities in Ecuador, having sent the first Ecuadorian seeds to the International Space Station in a project with local students.


The Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries 2022

16-20 May 2022

Quito, Ecuador