National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)Chief of Program Support for the Office of Tracking and Data Acquisition

Mr. Briskman received his Bachelor of Science degree from Princeton University and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland. He has been involved with the implementation of satellite communications systems since their inception. Mr. Briskman is currently President of Telecommunications Engineering Consultants. Previously, he co-founded Sirius Satellite Radio in 1991 serving as Executive Vice President, Engineering, where he was responsible for the implementation of its satellite radio broadcasting system to mobile subscribers in the United States, and then served as Technical Executive of Sirius XM Radio.

Mr. Briskman was employed by the Geostar Corporation from 1986 to 1990 where he was Senior Vice President, Engineering. Mr. Briskman was with COMSAT from 1964 through 1985 where he last was responsible for providing technical services in the areas of satellites, earth stations and telecommunications systems. He was Vice President, System Implementation of COMSAT General Corporation. Prior to joining COMSAT, Mr. Briskman was Chief of Program Support for the Office of Tracking and Data Acquisition at NASA and received the APOLLO Achievement Award from NASA. He worked for the Army Security Agency and IBM before NASA.

Mr. Briskman is a Fellow and past Director, Vice President for Technical Activities and Secretary-Treasurer of the IEEE, which gave him the 2008 IEEE AESS Pioneer Award, a Fellow of the AIAA, which gave him the 2007 Aerospace Communications Award and a Member of the National Academy of Engineering. He has authored over seventy technical papers, holds many United States and foreign patents and has been inducted into the SSPI, the CEA Consumer Electronics, and the Space Foundation Halls of Fame and the University of Maryland Innovation Hall of Fame. Mr. Briskman was a former President of the North American Broadcasters Association’s Board of Directors.