Ryojiro Akiba

Institute of Space and Astronautical Science • Former Director General

Dr. Ryojiro Akiba was born on September 4, 1930 in Tokyo. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo in March 1954, and earned his Ph.D. in engineering from that university in October 1959. He then became a research assistant there in eptember 1960, an assistant professor in April 1961, and a full professor in April 1974, working at the Institute of Space and aeronautical Science (ISAS) of the university until April 1981. After the reorganization of the institute, he was a professor at ISAS, serving as its Director-General from January 1992 to January 1996. During his 34-year tenure, Akiba worked for education and research in space engineering, and became an emeritus professor of the University of Tokyo in May 1991.

After retiring from ISAS, he became a professor at the Hokkaido Institute of Technology in 1996, and served as a full-time member of the Space Activities Commission in 1998.