Sathesh Raj is passionate about Earth and Space. He has participated in grassroots movements such as Extinction Rebellion and MY Climate Strike to advocate for climate action and promote journalism that drives discourse on climate change. He has also contributed prototype solutions to tackle climate change using space technologies.

He is one of the alumni of British Council Scotland's Future News Worldwide programme and in 2021, his project was one of the 15 projects around the world which was awarded a professional development grant. Through this grant, he worked on "Peaks of Paradise: Slowly Depleting Forests in Malaysia," a data journalism and visualization project that aimed to uncover the state of Malaysian forests using environmental data and visualization methods.

Currently, Sathesh is exploring research and academia to also contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. He is a member of the innovative research team at Time To Rice, which received a grant for Communicating Science for Climate Action from the British High Commission Kuala Lumpur, supported by EcoKnights in 2021. Additionally, he is pursuing a Laurea Magistrale in Biology of Extreme Environments, specializing in Astrobiology at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy.