Simon GRAY

Eutelsat • FounderVice President of Humanitarian Affairs

I am the Vice President of Humanitarian Affairs for Eutelsat and am I have been elected by the other 8 fleets to coordinate the charter with the UN for the satellite industry. I have been elected a Director of the GVF, for over 6 years , which is the largest independent satellite association. I have worked in the satellite industry for over 20 years and while at Eutelsat I have been responsible for the largest training program ever undertaken by a satellite operator. My role in Eutelsat has also encompassed innovation developing the most popular mobile Apps & training tools in the industry as well as developing a new class of satellite terminal. My team has also been responsible for overseeing over 350,000 terminal installations across 4 continents and I am the point of reference for the Eutelsat fleet for VSAT technology.

Eutelsat has supported Telecom Sans Frontieres for 9 years financially and with in-kind contributions and we have also worked extensively with Nethope for over 10 years supplying in kind help, equipment and consulting.