An outstanding scientist and designer in the field of space rocket engineering. A General Designer – General Director of Yuzhnoye SDO in 1991-2010. Doctor of Engineering (1987), Professor (1991), Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1992), Academician of International Engineering Academy (1992), Academician of K.E. Tsiolkovsky Academy of Cosmonautics (1994), Academician of New York Academy of Sciences (1996), Academician of International Academy of Astronautics (1997), Academician of Academy of Military Sciences of Russian Federation (2004), Vice President of International Academy of Astronautics (2005).

Stanislav Konyukhov was born in the village of Bekrenevo, Vologda region, Russia. After he had graduated from Physical Engineering Department of Dniepropetrovsk State University (1959), he worked at Yuzhnoye SDO as engineer, senior engineer (1959-1962), leading engineer, leading design engineer (1962-1964), chief of section (1964-1974), chief of department, deputy chief design engineer (1974-1978), complex supervisor, deputy chief of complex (1978-1984), Director and Chief Design Engineer of the Space Vehicles Design Office (1984-1986), First Deputy General Design Engineer of the Yuzhnoye NVO, First Deputy Director of the Yuzhnoye SDO (1986-1991), General Designer – General Director of Yuzhnoye SDO (1991-2010).

Konyukhov is one of the talented followers of M.K. Yangel and V.F. Utkin who passed a great school of developing, designing, development and flight testing of missile and space rocket systems. He made significant contribution in the development and building of several generations of strategic missile systems, launch vehicles and spacecraft created in Yuzhnoye SDO, including one of the most powerful and effective liquid-propellant strategic missiles R36M (SS-18), solid-propellant missile RT23 (SS-24) of silo and railroad basing mode. He justified and developed the principles of developing, designing and development testing of pop-up launch scheme for liquid-propellant heavy missiles, which considerably improved the performance of missile systems put in Strategic Missile Forces service. He supervised the works on designer’s supervision and considerable prolongation of guaranteed service life of R36M (SS-18) missile being in the Russian Army inventory.

Substantially, due to S. Konyukhov’s initiative and energy, Yuzhnoye SDO entered the world space services market and occupied a deserved place there. He supervised the works on creation of unique Sea Launch and Land Launch space rocket systems with Zenit launch vehicles, Dnepr space launcher derived from decommissioned SS-18 missile, light-class Vega space launcher, on creation and commercial use of Cyclone-4 space launch system, and AUOS-CM-KI, Sich-1, Ocean, Sich-2 spacecraft et al.

Konyukhov holds an outstanding position among the pioneers – organizers of extensive international cooperation in space exploration. Owing to the international activities of Yuzhnoye SDO, Yuzhmash, Ukraine is included in the ten world ‘ s leading space powers and participates in the implementation of major international space projects like Sea Launch, Land Launch, Dnepr, Cyclone-4, Egyptsat, Vega et al.

Stanislav Nikolayevich Konyukhov gave much consideration to training of engineering and scientific manpower. He held a Chair of System Design at the Institute of Professional Development of the USSR Ministry of General Machine – Building (1987-1992), Chair of Flying Vehicles Designing at Kharkov Aviation Institute (1995). A Chief Editor of industry scientific – technical collection (1991), a member of Specialized Board of Dniepropetrovsk National University for dissertations defense (1988), a member of Experts Board of Supreme Certification Commission of Ukraine (1992), a member of Section of Interindustry Scientific-Technical Council for Space Research of Russian Academy of Sciences.