Wei-Yu Louis Feng

University of Cape Town • Student, Master’s degree (M.Phil) in Space studies

Wei-Yu Louis Feng is currently completing his Master’s degree (M.Phil) in Space studies at University of Cape Town. His thesis is focusing on the development of active debris removal technologies known as MEDUSA (Mechanism of Entrapment Debris Using Shape memory Alloy). Louis received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics from University of Cape Town in 2013. His bachelor’s thesis was published in New Trends in Networking, Computing, Elearning, System Sciences and Engineering. He worked as a system engineer in the petroleum industry during 2014 and 2015, where he travelled and worked at many countries including: US, UK, Angola, Spain and South Africa.

Following on from a stint in industry he returned to academia as a student in the M.Phil space studies program. He was the recipient of the SSPI grand prize in 2016 with the literature: “Study of current regulations and possible recommendations associated with smallsat revolution.” He was also the winner of the third IAF international student workshop held at Guadalajara, Mexico in 2016. After a fruitful journey at Mexico, he conducted a research exchange at the Institute for Space Systems (IRS) at Stuttgart University in Germany from October 2016 till January 2017. He also performed an oral presentation on debris capturing techniques at the 7th European space debris conference held at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany. He has recently being selected as one of the fourteen recipient of the Emerging Space Leaders (ESL) grant issued by the International Astranutica Federation (IAF) in 2017.
His research interest includes: Satellite technology, space policy, smart material prototyping, control systems, robotics and novel space mission design.
E-mail: fngwei001@myuct.ac.za


International Astronautical Congress 2017

25-29 September 2017

Adelaide, Australia