Xingrui MA

Chinese Society of AstronauticsHonorary President

Over the past three decades, Dr. Ma Xingrui has made important contributions to the remarkable progress of China’s space program. He also plays a leading role in promoting international space cooperation. Dr Ma has been one of the leaders of China’s human space programme, lunar exploration programme, and new-generation heavy launch vehicle programme. In the process he has accumulated extensive engineering knowledge. Dr Ma has also been engaged in teaching and scientific research in space engineering and mechanics for many years. He has published over 200 papers in well-known journals in China and abroad. He has actively supported China’s participation in international cooperation projects in space field. Under his leadership, China has carried out cooperation programs with many countries such as Brazil, France, Germany and Russia among others. With his strong support, IAF and CSA jointly organized the successful Global Lunar Conference in 2010 in Beijing. Dr Ma is the honorary chair of the Local Organizing Committee of the 64th International Astronautical Congress. He initiated the establishment of the IAA Studies Center in Beijing.