Yann Talamoni started his professional career in 1999, at Snecma Propulsion Solide (Le Haillan) where he spent the first 4 years working as R&T project manager on material models & characterization for civil applications, in partnership with CNES R&T Programs. In 2003, he took the Program responsibility for R&T CNES topics in the company, with an enlarged perimeter to Defence R&T Programs in 2007. For the period 2007/2012 he was a member of the G2P (entity merging SPS and SNPE members for defence programs). During this period, he managed complex programs and technical studies for both CNES and DGA customers. At the creation of Herakles in 2012, the G2P collapsed and he took the whole responsibility of Future Space Preparatory Programs, activities under CNES and ESA contracts. After that, at the AGS creation, he took the responsibility of the Solid propulsion development Programs, and following in 2018, at the merge of A5 and A6 organizations, he took the responsibility of the complete perimeter of Solid propulsion Programs.