Yasir ABBAS is a Sudanese Space Systems Engineer pursing PhD in Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) and doing researches in the embedded system laboratory in the university. He’s got an aerospace engineering MSc in Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey.

In Sudan, Yasir has been a TA and a Research Engineer in University of Khartoum. He worked with the Sudanese National Committee for Space (SUNACS) and with Ceres Space Technology Center (CSTC).

He was a cofounder of the first Sudanese CubeSat project, that project was the first step to establish several research centers and small satellite projects in Sudan. He is now a member of the Japanese team in BIRDS4 CubeSat multinational project carried out by Kyutech university.

Yasir is keen to develop the space field and increase the technical awareness, he was selected as the representative of The Universe Awareness organization in Sudan. He is part of the Young African Leadership Initiative established by President Obama in Africa.

By the international cooperation between the developed and developing countries, Yasir thinks Sudan and other nations in Africa and the middle east can promote their space abilities and activities. International cooperation in space programs reduces cost as well as maximize knowledge and technologies transfer.