Yasuyuki ITO

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)Associate Director General

Yasuyuki Ito was appointed as Associate Director General for the JAXA Mission Planning Department in April 2015. Previously, Mr. Ito was Associate Director General for Aerospace Research and Development Directorate since April 2013.

His management career at the Agency includes strategic planning, human resources, audit and evaluation, and management of the Earth observation science teams. In his technical career, Mr. Ito has been engaged in the research and development of Earth observation instrumentation, including the Synthetic Aperture Radar, Microwave Radiometer and other satellite sensors, notably the ADEOS-II satellite and Aqua/AMSR-E instrument. He was also involved in the conceptual study of ENVISAT/AMI at ESA/ESTEC as a Research Fellow. Mr. Ito received his MSc. and BSc. in Electrical Engineering at Kyoto University, and has been with JAXA (formerly the National Space Development Agency, NASDA) since 1980.