Prof.Yu Xiaozhou got his doctor degree in 2006 in Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) and then he stayed in NPU as a lecture. In 2009, he became an associate professor.Now he is the vice director of Shaanxi Engineering Laboratory for Microsatellites(SELM),NPU. Prof.Yu Xiaozhou leads a research team that is mainly of students and young professionals to make their own CubeSats. He is the project manager of two CubeSats projects that is a 12U CubeSat ‘star of AoXiang ‘and 2U CubeSat ‘Aoxiang-1′.The two CubeSats will be launched in 2016.

Prof. Yu Xiaozhou has mentored many undergraduate students and graduate students. He have given lectures and written lots of high quality articles of the CubeSats. He is also the one of the main organizer of A national graduate students Future Flight Vehicle Competition(FFVC). As the only one flight vehicle competition supported by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, there will be thousands of students join the competition. In 2013, he have also hold an Aoxiang Cup Competition in Shaanxi province. Over 100 teams have joined the competition.

For his work, Prof.Yu Xiaozhou has got a first teaching achievement award of ‘He Hongsen’ in 2014,a teaching achievement award in Shaanxi Province and four teaching achievement awards in NPU.Also, In 2014, two of his master students got the special prize from Shaanxi Province government for participating the AoXiang-1 Cubesat research. Prof.Yu Xiaozhou play an important role in the international CubeSats project QB50 that is funded by EU frame7 . NPU is Asia coordinator of the project and he is the key person and consortium committee member. Prof.Yu Xiaozhou is the Space University Administrative Committee (SUAC) member of IAF. He help SELM became the formal member of IAF .In 2015,he invited IAF as the main organizer of FFVC. In 2013, he invited IAF as the main organizer of QB50 Asia Workshop and funded the IAF-IPMC Young Professionals Workshop2013.