Zhaokui Wang

Tsinghua UniversityDepartment head of Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering

Dr. Wang Zhaokui has been working as associate professor (tenured in 2018) in Tsinghua University since 2009 in the field of spacecraft formation flying, system engineering of space scientific satellite. He is the head of Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering, founder and director of Distributed and Intelligent Space System Laboratory (DSSL). He received Ph.D. and B.S. degrees in aerospace engineering from National University of Defense Technology (China).

Dr. Wang is an expert for National High-Tech R&D Program of China (863 Program), and also a consultant for many important projects conducted in China, such as deep space exploration, lunar exploration, on-orbit servicing. He is a council member of Chinese Association of Automation (CAA), member of SUAC of IAF, IEEE, and AIAA.

Dr. Wang's research focus on small satellite of scientific exploration and enabling technology of distributed space systems. He is chief designer of Tsinghua Scientific Satellite (Q-Sat) which launched on Aug 6th in 2020. He devotes his efforts on intersection of advanced astrodynamics, space mission analysis and design, and multi-agent control of spacecraft in order to meet the urgent needs in these novel space architectures. The most recent concept proposed by Dr. Wang is a personal assistant satellite for astronauts in Chinese Space Station.