Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

The university puts emphasis on intensely taking care of its students, and works on creating a “Students’ Paradise in Jena. ( Special programmes support students from abroad. When it comes to teaching, Jena University combines tradition and innovation: Apart from medicine, physics, psychology, business studies and economics, or sports, bio and social sciences- all of which are highly ranked- the so-called “smaller subjects”, like for instance Caucasology, Romanian or Indo-Germanic studies, are sustained. The wide range of opportunities for studying at Thuringia’s only classical university shapes its appearance as well as its attitude: to act without limits- interdisciplinary and internationally. Therefore, a clear research profile has been established and will be further developed. Jena University’s current research profile is composed of five priority research areas:

Optics, Photonics and Photonic Technologies

Innovative Materials and Technologies

Dynamics of Complex Biological Systems

Laboratory of the Enlightenment

Individuals and Social Change

They are completed by three academic cross-sections:

Analysis and Management of Complex Systems,

Cultural Contexts of Ageing,

Europe’s Origin: Culture and Religion in the Ancient World and the Middle Ages