The Global Space Applications Conference 2014

Sponsorship Opportunities

The IAF’s mission is to encourage and support international cooperation in space-related activities, and connect space people for the benefit of the global community. Sponsoring an activity at GLAC is a great opportunity to show the international space community your support for this mission.

Governmental and space agency representatives, industry leaders and diplomats will all be present, presenting a great platform on which to reinforce your presence.

The IAF offers a large and flexible range of sponsorship opportunities, from sponsoring small events such as coffee breaks, to sponsoring plenaries and advertising in the conference programme. We are open to discuss any of your ideas or suggestions, and can tailor sponsorship to your exact needs.

Every year the IAF also organizes such activities as Global Networking Forum at the IAC, and hosts a large industry exhibition, as well as plenaries and networking events with space agency representatives. Alongside this networking platform, the IAF works hard to improve access to space activities for all. We invest heavily in young talent and students, organising an entire Young Professionals programme at every IAC. This includes grants, awards and technical sessions especially for students and young professionals, and various outreach activities. Such activities benefit enormously from the support of our industry partners.

If you are interested in supporting GLAC in June, or the IAC later in the year, do get in touch and we would be very happy to discuss your ideas.

For information regarding sponsorship opportunities, Please contact:

Giulia Maria Berardi
IAF Projects Manager
Phone: +33 1 45 67 68 46
Email: giuliamaria.berardi[@]

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