KEYNOTE LECTURE 7: The Fabulous Journey of Interplanetary Exploration at Airbus

Thursday 8, 10:00 – 10:30
Location: Beijing International Convention Center – Hall 2

Airbus Defence & Space has been extremely active over the last decade on developing unique robotic exploration missions which travel to every “corner” of the solar system, from the Sun itself to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and the famous comet Churyumov-Gerisiamenko encountered by Rosetta and on which Philae landed, in a world premiere.This keynote will present an overview of the major interplanetary exploration missions developed by Airbus, from those already flown (Rosetta, Mars Express, Venus Express) to those in development: JUICE exploring the Jupiter Icy Moons Callisto, Ganymede and Europa, Bepi-Colombo travelling to Mercury, Solar Orbiter, ExoMars Rover. The technical and programmatic challenges of each mission, the characteristics of the spacecraft and the key technologies employed will be described for all these different satellites.



Program Manager, Airbus Defence and Space SA