KEYNOTE LECTURE 9: The Open Experimental Resources of Serve Payloads for International Cooperation Onboard Space Station

Thursday 8, 15:00 – 15:30
Location: Beijing International Convention Center – Hall 2

The China Manned Space Engineering Office, on behalf of Chinese government, has made a strategic framework with United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs to offer opportunities on the application of Chinese Space Station to members of United Nations. In this framework, China will open the experimental resources on Chinese Space Station to serve payloads for international cooperation. The members of United Nations, especially developing countries, could conduct scientific and technical experiment on Chinese Space Station. Moreover, China will help astronauts and payload specialists from developing countries to enter into space.In this background, we introduce the open experimental resource to serve payloads on Chinese Space Station and propose the possible technical approach to develop international cooperation. It will help us to know what can be utilized to preform experiment on Chinese Space Station and make a good fundament for international cooperation.



Chief Designer, Chinese Space Station




Deputy Chief Director, iangong-2 Space Laboratory