GNF: Design and Implementation of Chang'e-5 Robotic Sample Return Mission on Lunar Surface

Day: Thursday 17 June 2021
Time: 11:00-11:30 MSK

The Chang’E-5 mission of 3rd phase of China’s Lunar Exploration Program is the first sample return mission from other celestial body in China. The objective of Chang’E-5 probe is to implement lunar transfer and circumlunar orbit flight, land on the predefined site on lunar surface, collect lunar samples, lift-off on lunar surface, transfer lunar samples after rendezvous on lunar orbit, Earth transfer flight and re-enter Earth atmosphere, and bring lunar samples back to Earth safely at last. The technical features, brief introduction and development process of Chang’E-5 probe are described in the paper. At the same time, the breakthrough and innovation of key technologies are summarized. The flight results are given as well. The implementation results on orbit shows that the function and specifications of Chang’E-5 satisfied the requirements, and the design was validated.

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Executive Director, IAF Secretariat




Deputy Chief Designer of the Spacecraft System of the 3rd Phase of China’s Lunar Exploration Program, China Academy of Space Technology