GNF: Enabling Science and Exploration: Extending Human Presence from Earth to the Moon and Beyond

Day: Tuesday 15 June 2021
Time: 17:35-18:30 MSK

Humanity’s quest to extend human space exploration beyond Earth to the Moon and on to Mars is guided by a global approach to cooperation. Humankind, including NASA and its international partners, will reach the lunar surface together through the Artemis Program. Through collaboration, we expand our understanding of the Moon and early solar system, learn to live and explore on other worlds, and observe the universe beyond from the unique vantage point of the Moon.

This discussion will provide an update from the industry perspective on Orion and the Artemis architecture, along with the lunar surface capabilities that will enable us to conduct crucial scientific investigations and extend human presence beyond our home planet.

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President, President of Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)


Speakers Connected Remotely

Lisa MAY

Chief Technologist for Commercial and Civil Space Advanced Programs, Lockheed Martin Corporation

United States


Systems Engineering Design & Integration Senior Manager for the Orion Program, Lockheed Martin Corporation

United States