HLL 1: Space Transportation System of Human Mars Exploration

Day: Wednesday 16 June 2021
Time: 09:00-09:25 MSK

Space Transportation System of Human Mars Exploration Human Mars exploration (HME) is of great significance in exploring extraterrestrial life, interstellar migration, promoting Sci&Tech development and the progress of human society. This report first introduces the mission profile, overall scheme, relevant data and video of China's first Mars exploration mission Tianwen-1 including the Zhurong rover, and China’s future deep space exploration plans, then briefly reviews the development of global Mars exploration, and analyzes the design factors of HME mission architecture. It follows that a HME roadmap in the future is proposed with corresponding mission architectures. Also, based on the analysis of composition and characteristics, the overall scheme and design parameters of a HME space transportation system is presented, based on which the related key technologies are given as well. At last, the report draws several conclusions and suggestions, providing references for further global studies on HME and its space transportation system.

The Highlight Lecture is organized by



Executive Director, IAF Secretariat



Xiaojun WANG

President, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT)