IAF GNF Session: From Analysis to Action: Bridging Gap to Secure Climatically Vulnerable Communities

Day: Thursday 25 May 2023
Time: 12:00 - 12:50
Location: Kobenhavn & Stockholm room, Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel

The catastrophic effects of climate change have already started to take place in some of the most climatically vulnerable areas. The IAF’s values of 3G diversity and the promise of sharing of GIS data gives the relevant stakeholders a humanistic foundation to make a difference. However, when identifying actual impact of manifesting these values among the most vulnerable communities, there exists a huge gap. For example, small farmers in Ecuador (host of GLEC 2022) who are significant contributors towards the fresh flowers, sugar, banana, and cacao industries get little to no information regarding weather and other conditions. In most cases, the government run institutions that are in charge of providing information regarding weather and other conditions do not have the capabilities to share or provide the information to the end users.

In the 2022 catastrophic floods of Pakistan, the most vulnerable communities were unaware of the quantum of flood water that was predicted. People were not prepared and even at the onset of floods were not made aware of the severity of the incumbent disaster. Although, the magnitude of most severe climate catastrophes of recent times have surpassed their predicted values, yet there still exists significant value in modeling the earth observation data and simulating different climate change scenarios to better equip the most vulnerable communities. This panel discussion will highlight opportunities to bridge the gap between the incredible capabilities offered by earth observation systems and those most vulnerable to extreme climatic events.

This session is organized by



Senior Associate, Teaching Science and Technology, Inc (TSTI)

United States


Magdalena GUTOWSKA

Principal Lead Climate and Energy Portfolio, Politecnico di Torino



Domain Manager Earth Observation, OHB System AG-Munich


Grzegorz WROCHNA

President, Polish Space Agency (POLSA)