GLEC 2022 Programme

The Conference programme is designed to bring together the international community, including senior representatives of the major space agencies, industry, governments, policy makers, academia and NGOs. These leaders in the field will converge in Quito, Ecuador, to present results, exchange ideas, debate roadmaps, and discuss the future opportunities provided by space activities to emerging nations.

The comprehensive programme will include high-level keynotes, round tables as well as young professionals and students dedicated sessions that will address the most recent achievements in space activities and cooperation for emerging countries and explore how industry, politics, and law will help shape the future of this exciting domain of astronautics.

In order to define, shape and implement the plenary programme of GLEC 2022 an International Programme Committee (IPC) is set up.

The IPC should be led by IPC Co-chairs from the IAF and the Sideralis Foundation:

  • IAF IPC Co-Chair: Valanathan Munsami
  • Sideralis IPC Co-Chair: Juan Jaramillo